Sunday, November 30, 2014


We have luckily been able to find the majority of the new releases that have come out, including the 2 new HEB trucks and the new Wawa truck!

The only releases that we have yet to come across so far are the 2 new volumes of the U.S. Presidents. Usually we have been able to find these really early on at Bed, Bath and Beyond but this year they still haven't gotten them and from what the store manager told me today, they have none expected to come in. Are there any other stores that you guys have found the new U.S. Presidents Vol. 6 and 7? Where have you guys found yours?
We are also hoping someone out there can give us some information on the Frozen 2 pack Gift Set featuring Anna and Elsa. I've seen comments by other collectors on Facebook that say they are shipping on December 1st (tomorrow!). Our question is this......Does anyone know which stores are expected to carry the gift sets?

Thanks so much!
Happy Hunting!!!

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  1. I found the Presidents 6 & 7 Pez sets over the Thanksgiving weekend at Wythe Candy & Gourmet Shop in Williamsburg, VA.