Monday, November 3, 2014


Another new truck has rolled into town! Wawa Service Stations are releasing another truck this year and we are getting our first look at it. This is the third Wawa truck to be released. The first was yellow, last years was red and the this years 2014 Wawa PEZ Hauler truck has a black cab and black trailer. The trailer has a yellow decal with red letters that say Wawa. Very, very cool!

On a personal note, if you ever have the opportunity to visit a Wawa store, definitely do it! Their stores are always clean and the employees are always friendly. The food is good too!

We are still in need of both of the new HEB PEZ Hauler trucks and now we are looking hard for this new 2014 Wawa PEZ Hauler truck. If anyone out there can help us out, we'd greatly appreciate it! Please email me at

Happy Hunting!!!

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