Monday, April 15, 2013


When we first started collecting I spent hours and hours every day looking through every PEZ related site I could find. The best site I stumbled onto was PASTOR PEZ. After weeks of checking his website multiple times a day, I sent him an email and asked him a few questions. He responded quickly with more detailed answers than I could have asked for. We have since traded a few times and I still email him when I have questions I need an answer to. He has been a great resource and very helpful. He is a really great guy and he truly embodies all of the qualities of a great PEZ collector.

If you haven't checked out his site, do yourself a favor PASTOR PEZ

Today he posted a new addition to his site. You can view pictures of his entire collection. The pictures are divided into sets. This provides a great reference for all collectors, especially if you are new to the hobby.

His collection is incredible and definitely worth checking out. See for yourself!  Pastor PEZ Collection

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  1. Thanks Clay for the kind words and link. I hope people find my new addition helpful. I took the "pro" pics for my newer purchases, so I'll be integrating them into my catalog online in the coming days.